Multi Holsters started as a need to create a carrying system for my personal weapons. Being a left handed shooter and a huge fan of lasers finding a holster was next to impossible. And the ones I did find would take several months to get and cost a small fortune.

The guns I personally own are very common like Glock, Kahr, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Springfield Armory and Kimber. Many of the Crimson Trace Lasers that I own are mounted in front of the trigger guard and in searching all over the web I could not find any to accommodate my weapons. So in doing a little research I learned that I could construct custom made holsters in my personal work shop with tools I already have. My background is affiliated with Law Enforcement and soon many of my buddies were asking me to make them off duty and concealed carry holsters. Needless to say the word spread and my hobby is now a small business. I hope to keep it small so I can create quality holsters at a fair price, and mail them out in a week or two, not several months like the other guys.

Since each holster is constructed one by one by hand, it is very simple to add features to them to make them perfect for you. Our slogan is “carrying a gun should not only be comforting, but comfortable”. Telling me things such as amount of cant, belt size, clip type, color, and position of carry will make that holster work for your needs, unlike purchasing one “off the rack”.

Advantages to owning a Multi Holster …

  • Made entirely from KYDEX®™ [A registered trademark of KYDEX® LLC.]
  • Hand crafted in Michigan, USA
  • Our holsters are made of .08″ thickness with belt loops made of .08″-.105″. This thickness allows for durability and form holding to make re-holstering with one hand a breeze.
  • Each holster is form fitted around actual weapons or exact weapon molds to ensure exact fit and proper retention.
  • Multi Holsters are designed for off duty law enforcement or concealed carry users and are molded to fit your body style (if specified), polished edges for maximum comfort next to the body, area of the body where carried (if specified), belt size, belt loop selection, cant, and handing. Designed to pull weapon as close to body as possible for maximum concealment.
  • Black Calcutta KYDEX®™ is standard color option.  Many Custom Color Swatches available.