The "Torn" KYDEX® is our newest offering. It is a One of a Kind Creative version of our Popular Multi 2in1 OWB/IWB Holster. This one is 100% custom. We can do almost any combination of colors and patterns. Prices start at $130.00*. That includes two colors in a dual layer. Single colors and carbon fiber patterns. *Additional cost for Light & laser customization* The "Torn" pattern on the holster will be random, but similar to the holster pictured. These are ONE OF A KIND and no two will be exactly alike. Your Firearm and/or Firearm + light / Laser is more than likely listed and we are able to custom build. Custom Holster orders are based on a drop down menu system.  First, choose your Firearm Make / Model , Draw Hand, Etc.  More choices show after making each selection, building your holster as you go through the selected options.