Basket-weave KYDEX® Sheets. Realistically Textured, not a print. Pattern holds up well to forming. *  Available in .08 & .093 * 12" X 12" (.08) $12.00 12" X 12" (.093) $13.60 12" X 24" (.08)  $19.11 12" X 24" (.093)  $20.30 Available in .08 & .093 **Recommendations/Disclaimer** We have found that there are a few different ways of working with this basket weave which obtained the best results for us. If using the Convection/toaster oven method of heating, we found - [3minutes @ 275 Degrees F.]  worked well. (Weave side face down) If using the T-Shirt press heating method, we found - [60 seconds @ 315 Degrees F.] also worked well. (Weave side face down) These are the Temperatures and Times heated that we found worked with some of our methods of holster making, and are not responsible for any alterations or deviations from those times and temps listed.  All  sheet sales are final and are non refundable for errors in heating / forming practices.