HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! STI 5″ DVC Tactical Mold. CZ P10C Mold. Carry Guard Expo. HDPE Split Molds

Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at Multiholsters! https://www.multiholsters.com We hope you caught wind of our Father’s Day Sale, it was a great success! If you missed it, don’t worry, we are running another one soon so please check back!!

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STI 5" DVC Tactical

STI 5″ DVC Tactical!

JUST IN! We now have an STI 5″ DVC Tactical Multi Mold! Get your orders placed for a Multi Mold or for those holster makers that sell to competitive shooters. http://www.multimolds.com

Don’t forget about our CZ P10C now in our ELITE series!

Multiholsters is continuing to gear up and stock up for the Carry Guard Expo in Milwaukee August 25-27. https://www.nracarryguardexpo.com We are extremely excited to be a part of the First Annual Expo presented by the NRA. For all the women out there, the carry guard is putting a huge focus on personal safety and self defense. Several speakers on both subjects will be there as well as personal protection during a home invasion. Without a doubt, vital information to have. Hope to see you there!

Our HDPE Split Molds are available at http://www.multimolds.com. These will offer amazing accuracy, high definition and versatility for vacuum forming. HDPE split molds are what all the professional holster makers are using today. Don’t miss out!