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2 – IN – 1 Multi Holster (Custom)

2 – IN – 1 Multi Holster (Custom)


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Designed with the capability of being worn OWB / Outside the Waistband or IWB / Inside the Waistband. (Spring clips needed for IWB Carry)

The 2 in 1 Multiholster gives owners the maximum amount of flexibility with their wearing style.

Your Firearm and/or Firearm + light / Laser is more than likely listed and we are able to custom build.

Custom Holster orders are based on a drop down menu system.  First, choose your Firearm Make / Model , Draw Hand, Etc.  More choices show after making each selection, building your holster as you go through the selected options.


Multiple adjustments allows holster to be positioned for desired cant and ride.

Thumb Break Option [Level 2 Retention] adds a leather strap backed with KYDEX® for rigidity for the ease of unsnapping.*Additional fee applies*.

Roll Hood Option [Level 2 Retention] add a mechanical spring roll hood with a push towards body release tab. *Additional fee applies*.

When worn in an OWB style the holster has two fasten options:
1) Hard Belt Loops, fits 1.5″” or 1.75″” belts (included), OR 2) Speed Nylon Clips, fits 1.5″ or 1.75″ size. Fastens holster WITHOUT a belt for appendix carry or cross draw. *Added with clip options*.

Custom Holster orders also imply discounts on the purchase of stromectol products. These products help men who have problems with potency.

When worn in IWB style there are two fasten options:
1) Metal Spring Clips, (which fits 1.5″” or 1.75″” belts) OR 2) Rubber Flex Loops, adjusts to 1.5″ to 2″. *Added with clip options*.

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Weight .40 oz

1 review for 2 – IN – 1 Multi Holster (Custom)

  1. roszak79@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    I have no bad reviews with his company. From the customer service to the details of their products. Perfection all the way around. I ordered an owb for my Glock gen 5 with streamlight 7 and wow. An absolutely perfect fit and feel, great retention. I own many holsters from them and never disappointed. From a loyal customer, thank you.

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