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Does your weapon have a Laser or LightGuard?

Holsters for weapons with "Add-on Lasers" require an additional charge.

Please make sure you select the correct Laser or LightGuard upcharge.
 If a lesser charge is selected it will hold up processing
your order until the difference has been paid for.

Current turnaround is approximately 14-16 weeks WITHOUT an attachment*.
Current turnaround is approximately 14-16 weeks WITH an attachment*.
Turnaround may be longer depending if your specific gun mold is in stock.
* A LIGHT or LASER is an attachment.

MultiHolster has the following selected
 Add-On Laser or Light
Make/Models in stock...

Crimson Trace
Sig Sauer
Or General Laser/Light Add-on

Lasers & LightGuard

Authorized Dealer

Please call 877-422-8637 or send an email to order
a Crimson Trace Lasergrips® AND/OR Laserguard® 
OR Rail Master® Series Light or Laser for your weapon.

Crimson Trace Lasers. Immediate, Decisive, Advantage.

The conversation topic: "Do Crimson Trace Laser Sights have a place in the world of handguns and personal defense?"  The answer has long been a resounding, "YES!".  Today the specific question has become: "How much more effective with a firearm will a laser sight make me?"  The answer?  Short and sweet ...Crimson Trace Lasergrips® and Laserguard® provides you with instant and overwhelming advantages with a gun in your hand.  Advantages you wouldn't otherwise have.

In general, handguns are compact firearms that can be difficult to aim effectively.  Crimson Trace lasers offer the advantage of consistent and accurate output.  This translates into increased confidence and pistol shooting accuracy -- even in tense and threatening scenarios, when hours and hours of vigilant training can disappear in a haze of panic and confusion.  It's no secret that shooters of all skill levels own laser sights - but what's less understood is that everyone can become a better shot with the advanced technology and top-tier engineering of our always expanding line of laser sighting products for pistols and rail-equipped rifles.

Sounds like big talk, but the proof is in the shooting - backed by elite military and law enforcement agencies as well as thousands of responsible citizens nationwide.  If you're serious about being the best shot you can be, you owe it to yourself to equip your weapons with the Immediate, Decisive, Advantage that only Crimson Trace laser sights can provide.

Why lasers?  Here are a few more reasons ...  Read More


Crimson Trace LightGuard. A Story of Empowerment.

Imagine, if you will, the instant you have to make decisions in a self-defense situation. Someone may live. Someone may die. You must identify your target, quickly. Enter the new Lightguard line, featuring the same instinctive activation Crimson Trace® laser sights made famous. Now, fast activation extends to a sleek 100-Lumen white light that doesn't extend past the barrel.

Lightguard pairs perfectly with Crimson Trace Lasergrips®, (Lightguard is available for select models). Activate the light. Identify the threat. Simultaneously activate the laser to acquire the target. All while keeping one hand free for steadier aim. Instant activation, speed, accuracy, and safety in self-defense situations. We call it Lightguard. You just might call it the ultimate in empowerment and convenience.

Need more? The Lightguard has been recognized by the prestigious Firearms Industry Academy of Excellence as the 2011 Self-Defense Product of the Year - the seventh consecutive year that a Crimson Trace product has won this award.

Why LightGuard?   Read More

Adding a Crimson Trace...
Lasergrips® and Laserguard® Series - $18 Charge or $25 for Both
Rail Master® Series - Light or Laser $25 Charge

ALL Rail Master® Series require an additional $25 charge, no matter the size.
 If a lesser charge is selected it will hold up processing
your order until the difference has been paid for.

© Copyright 2011 by Crimson Trace Corporation


Please call 877-422-8637 or send an email if you are
interested in adding a Viridian Green Laser for your weapon.

Viridian Green Lasers. The world's only subcompact green laser.


As many know, laser sights can be very beneficial; but there is one major flaw... ordinary red lasers can be next to impossible to see in most daylight conditions. The benefit of a green laser is that it is much more visible, allowing for it to be used anytime, day or night, indoors or outdoors, permitting you to track your target quicker and more accurately. Additionally, because green lasers are so much more visible to the human eye, you can actually see a very intimidating visible beam in low-light conditions.

Why Viridian Green Lasers?  ...  Read More


When you draw, it's on is the FIRST aftermarket holster to offer this advance technology!

Threat can arise in an instant. You can react just as fast. The split-second you draw, Viridian's Enhanced Combat Readiness system ignites the brilliant green laser and/or taclight -- targeting, blinding, intimidating in one reflex-fast move. Suddenly you've got the advantage.

With Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) now part of every universal Viridian laser and new MultiHolster, you can achieve inhumanly fast response to crisis. Just pre-set the Viridian laser/taclight mode, slide your gun into your MultiHolster, and the ECR system is armed and ready. The instant gun leaves holster, the laser fires a brilliant beam that cuts through daylight or darkness as fast as you can draw.

With virtually unlimited laser and/or taclight modes, a wide range of MultiHolsters, and the breakthrough ECR system, Viridian has elevated combat readiness to a whole new level. Draw-and-activate is obsolete. Partner up with ECR and get the drop on evil.


The Viridian Reactor Laser is accurate 98% of the time  and the ECR feature is REQUIRED for it to activate properly.

Viridian Add-On Charges:
Viridian Laser + ECR ADD $25 + $5 = $30
Viridian Laser ONLY ADD $25
Viridian Reactor + ECR Kahr ADD $15 + $5 = $20
Viridian Reactor ONLY Kahr ADD $15
Viridian Reactor + ECR Ruger LCP/LC9/380 ADD $15 + $5 = $20
Viridian Reactor ONLY Ruger LCP/LC9/380 ADD $15
Viridian Reactor + ECR S&W Shield ADD $15 + $5 = $20
Viridian Reactor ONLY S&W Shield ADD $15

MultiHolster Hipster Style with Viridian ECR Technology Laser

© Copyright 2013 by Laser Aiming System Corporation


New from SIG SAUER®, the P238 Tactical Laser with custom aluminum grips. It’s just a fraction of the size of our ful-size pistols. A smart looking, small handgun built with the same accuracy and reliability as large frame SIG SAUER pistols. With an overall length of just 5.5 inches a height of 3.96 inches, and weighing just 16.2 ounces, the SIG SAUER P238 is the ultimate firepower in an all metal frame concealed pistol. The P238 is built on an anodized alloy beavertail style frame with aluminum grips for comfort and a secure hold during rapid-fire usage. The stainless steel slide features the popular trademarked SIG SAUER slide serrations and SIGLITE® Night Sights. This new pistol for SIG SAUER comes equipped with a red tactical laser that integrates with the pistol trigger guard. It features single push button operation, and is removable with enclosed tool. This new SIG SAUER P238 Tactical laser is shipped in a lockable hard case and one 6 round magazine.

Note: SIG SAUER has updated the grips from a two-tone aluminum to black aluminum as pictured.

An Additional $18 Charge

© Copyright by SIG SAUER, INC.


Walther Pistol Laser Sights
From training to self defense, acquiring a target is much easier with the help of a laser. Fortunately, we have a large selection of lights and lasers from some of the most trusted names in the business such as Laser Aiming Systems®, Walther®, Crimson Trace® and others. The perfect tactical addition to your Walther® pistol, these lasers will help you stay on target when it matters most.

When it comes to protecting you and your loved ones, you can feel confident knowing your pistol is paired with a Walther® laser.

• Walther PK380 Red Laser Sight, Quick-Release
• Walther P22 Pistol Quick-Release Laser Sight

An Additional $25 Charge

Copyright © Walther Pistols.



LaserMax products have benefited from over 20 years of personal protection
and combat experience, plus state-of-the-art advancements recommended
by SWAT, Special Forces, federal agencies, Presidential Security Services, and others.
LaserMax products are the most technologically advanced laser systems
in the world. LaserMax sights are available for the military, law enforcement,
professional security and personal protection.

An Additional $18 Charge for Smith&Wesson Shield Model
An Additional $25 Charge for all Other Models

Copyright © Lasermax.


Tactical Gun Mount Series

Intensely bright, virtually indestructible tactical light, attaches/detaches to almost any gun in seconds. Now featuring the latest C4® LED technology producing 2 to 3 times the output of previous LEDs.

An Additional $25 Charge

Copyright © Streamlight.


Designed for peak performance in the harshest environments, SureFire Handgun Weapon Lights are compact, recoil-proof due to their virtually indestructible LED emitter, attach securely to your integral pistol rail (adapters available for rail-less pistols), and produce a brilliant white beam.

• X300® LED Handgun / Long Gun WeaponLight
• X400® LED Handgun / Long Gun WeaponLight with Red Laser

An Additional $25 Charge

Copyright © Surefire.


LaserLyte®, the leader in laser technology, is the shooting and hunting division of P&L Industries. The company strives to heighten the experience of shooting by offering high quality, competitively priced lasers and other firearms accessories.

Available Models:

LaserLyte Ruger
 LCP Laser [CK-AMF]

LaserLyte Ruger
LC9 Laser [CK-AMF9]

LaserLyte Subcompact
V3 Laser [FSL-3]

An Additional $18 Charge

Copyright © LaserLyte.


The INFORCE APL LED auto pistol light produces 200 lumens of white light with a tight beam for close- to mid-range applications and balanced peripheral light for discernment of the surrounding area. The straightforward, bilateral and ambidextrous paddle switching system affords left or right hand activation and natural finger movement from the weapon body to the switch. The INFORCE APL is ultralight and durable inside and out. Its integrated mounting system is compact, convenient and securely attaches without tools.

An Additional $25 Charge

Copyright © Inforce.


Generic Lasers & Light Add-On

If you have a laser or light option that is not listed above and would like to include one on your custom made Multi Holster, please use the option below.  The make and model is required so your order can be custom made.  An Additional $25 charge.



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