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What makes a good holster?  

To us, a holster must do several things well. First of all, it must conceal well. We use .080 thickness Kydex™ to make the holster body. This ensures that minimal thickness is added to the firearm. Some holsters are extremely bulky, and do not aid in concealing the firearm. Because our Kydex™ holsters are extremely rigid, it hugs your body very well.

Equally as important, the holster must securely hold the firearm under everyday use. Everyday use differs from person to person, and because of this we offer free tension adjustments for your Kydex™ holster. Normally what we do is add enough tension to hold the pistol upside down, while shaking it, yet not so much tension that it impedes the draw of the firearm. Unlike leather, your Multi Holster Kydex™ holster won't lose tension over the years.

Re-holstering is easily accomplished with our Kydex™ holsters, because the holster body always retains it's shape. This is one of the great things about Kydex™.  I've owned "big name" leather holsters in the past that had a huge problem with this.



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